LIVING 2012, the 13th International Conference of People living with HIV, is organised by the Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+). The LIVING 2012 conference and process is supported by the LIVING Partnership, a consortium of organizations committed to strengthening the movement of people living with HIV and their communities. In 2008 the LIVING Partnership organised LIVING 2008: the Positive Leadership Summit in Mexico City.

The LIVING Partnership is currently composed of:

To enlarge the Partnership and ensure inclusiveness, the LIVING Partnership has reached out to other global networks and organizations of key populations.

The LIVING 2012 Partnership has established an organizing committee to develop the LIVING 2012 programme, including the pre-conference consultation process. All members of the LIVING Partnership are committed to making LIVING 2012 a success by engaging their networks and partners at the global, regional, country and community levels in the LIVING process. The IAS has joined the LIVING Partnership to facilitate communication and strengthen linkages between LIVING 2012 and AIDS 2012.


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LIVING 2012 would like to thank the following sponsors

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