LIVING 2012 is the 13th international conference for people living with HIV since 1987. Though the conferences have changed significantly over the years, LIVING 2012 stands in a long tradition.

For the first 11 international conferences, meeting in a safe and empowering environment and contributing to the personal growth of individuals while strengthening the PLHIV movement has been one of the main objectives. These international gatherings have been of tremendous importance to many positive people from around the world.

While the first international conferences were mainly European focused, later conferences in Poland 1999, Trinidad/Tobago 2001, and Uganda 2003 brought together up to 800 people living with HIV from up to 84 countries.

For LIVING 2012, as well as the most recent conference LIVING 2008 which was held in Mexico City, the focus has changed. The LIVING conference now is the culmination of a global consultation process, which involves thousands of people living with HIV through e-consultations and e-surveys, face to face consultations and group discussions. The main goal of the consultation process is to determine the Global Advocacy Agenda for the coming four years by exploring, discussing and reaching consensus on what are the main advocacy issues for people living with HIV globally at the moment.

LIVING 2008 brought together 300 people living with HIV, while LIVING 2012 aims to bring together up to 350 people living with HIV.

According to the LIVING partnership, international conferences and consultations of people living with HIV are a vital component of the global HIV response. The partnership therefore is proud and grateful for the support of the International AIDS Society, the organiser of the International AIDS conference AIDS 2012 in Washington DC to have recognized LIVING 2012 as an official pre conference to AIDS 2012.


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LIVING 2012 would like to thank the following sponsors

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